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Articles on Public Diplomacy
Author Title Date Publisher
Advisory Committee on Cultural Diplomacy Cultural Diplomacy The Linchpin of Public Diplomacy 9/1/2005 U.S. Department of State
Banks, Robert A Resource Guide to Public Diplomacy Evaluation 2011 Figueroa Press
Davison, Charles Stewart The case of the "Kronprinz Wilhelm" and "Bernstorffian diplomacy" 1915 --
Funk, Henry Daniel Aspects of European diplomacy since 1878 1915 The Franklin Press
Kalin, Ibrahim Soft power and Public Diplomacy in Turkey Autumn 2011 Center for Strategic Research
Nakamura, Toshyia Japan's New Public Diplomacy: Coolnes in Foreing Policy Objectives 9/1/2011 Nagoya University
Robin Brown The Four Paradigms of Public Diplomacy: Building a Framework for Comparative Government External Communications Research 1988 Institute of Communication Studies

University of Leeds

Shaun Riordan Dialogue-based Public Diplomacy: A New Foreign Policy Paradigm? 11/1/2004 Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Wolf Charles, Rosen, Jr., Brian Public Diplomacy: How to Think About and Improve It 2004 RAND Corporation
Hayden, Craig Envisioning a multidisciplinary research agenda for public diplomacy 11/01/2013 E-International Relations
Lecrercq, Vanessa Public Diplomacy: From John F. Kennedy to Tony Blair 01/10/2009 Dickason, Renée
Kimunguyi, Patrick; Polonska-Kimunguyi, Eva From European Identity and Media Imperialism to Public Diplomacy: The Changing Rationale Behind Euronews 01/11/2012 Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Medzini, Meron Reflections on Israel's Public Diplomacy 01/01/2012 Centre de Recherche Français de Jérusalem (CRFJ)
Mei, Guo; Wenhua, Hu Dialogism in International Communication Texts: From the Perspective of Public Diplomacy 01/05/2013 Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture
US Government 9-11 Commission recommendations for U.S. diplomacy : hearing before the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, second session, August 24, 2004. 2005 Washington : U.S.
US Government The 9/11 Commission recommendations on public diplomacy : defending ideals and defining the message : hearing before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations of the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, second session, August 23, 2004. 2004 Washington : U.S.
US Government U.S. public diplomacy : time to get back in the game : a report to members of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, February 13, 2009. 2009 Washington : U.S. G.P.O
Güliz SÜTÇÜ New Mode of Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Science Diplomacy 01/12/2012 Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi
Maria Susana Arrosa Soares Cultural Diplomacy In Mercosul 2008 Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais
Pat Proctor War without Violence: Leveraging the Arab Spring to Win the War on Terrorism 2012 Henley-Putnam University
Said Saddiki The Role Of Cultural Diplomacy In International Relations 2009 CIDOB
Frank Mehring The Promises of “Young Europe”: Cultural Diplomacy, Cosmopolitanism, and Youth Culture in the Films of the Marshall Plan 2012 European Association for American Studies
Krasimir Koev The Role of Cultural Diplomacy for Intensifying the Cross Border Cooperation within Danube Region 2013 Danubius University
Katherine P. Avgerinos Russia's Public Diplomacy Effort: What The Kremlin Is Doing And Why It’s Not Working -- --
Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Republic of Croatia Strategic public diplomacy 2012 Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Republic of Croatia
Ashvin Gonesh and Jan Melissen Public Diplomacy: Improving Practice 2005 Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Jami A. Fullerton, Alice Kendrick Strategic Uses of Mediated Public Diplomacy: International Reaction to US Tourism Advertising 2013 Oklahoma State University
Martin Wählisch, Behar Xharra Public Diplomacy Of Kosovo : Status Quo, Challenges And Options 2010 Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation
Ingrid d'Hooghe The rise of China's Public Diplomacy 2007 Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Wilhelm, Karen S. Public Diplomacy 1998 National war coll washington DC
Lee, Donna Economic Diplomacy 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 2010
Aoyama, Rumi China's Public Diplomacy 2007 Center of Excellence-Contemporary Asian Studies
Department of state washington d c office of external research; Selcher,Wayne A Brazil's Multilateral Diplomacy 1975 Department Of State Washington D C Office Of External Research
Aoyama, Rumi Chinese Diplomacy in the Multimedia Age: Public Diplomacy and Civil Diplomacy 2004 Center of Excellence-Contemporary Asian Studiespublisher
Harvey B. Feigenbaum Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy 2002 Center for Arts and Culture
Bowers, Michael W. Revitalizing U.S. Public Diplomacy 2005 Army War Coll Carlisle Barracks PA
Peter G. Peterson Public Diplomacy and the War on Terrorism 2002 Foreign Affairs-Published by the Council on Foreign Relations
Various authors Articles and Resources on Public Diplomacy 2003 Public Diplomacy Organization
Arthur A. Bardos "Public Diplomacy”: An Old Art, A New Profession" 2001 VQR- a national journal of literature and discussion
MICHAEL STEPHENS Qatar’s public diplomacy woes 2013 openDemocracy
Yelena Osipova Turkey's Public Diplomacy: The Genocide Resolution Challenge 2010 The Washington Review of Turkish & Eurasian Affairs
Katherine P. Avgerinos Russia's Public Diplomacy Effort: what the kremlin is doing and why it’s not working 2010 Princeton Education
SWJ Editors Public Diplomacy and National Security 2008 Small Wars Journal
YU-SHAN WU AND CHRIS ALDEN Africa: Brics' Public Diplomacy and the Nuances of Soft Power 2014 South African Institute of International Affairs
David John Smith Norwegian Public Diplomacy-Specific Strategies leading to Dynamic Implementation -- Norway Communicates
Ishikawa, Eriko A New Dimension in Japanese Public Diplomacy 2008 The Tokyo Foundation
Various authors Popular Articles About Public Diplomacy 2003-2009-2013 The Economic Times
Ellen Huijgh Public Diplomacy in Flux: Introducing the Domestic Dimension 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Steven Curtis and Caroline Jaine Public Diplomacy at Home in the UK: Engaging Diasporas and Preventing Terrorism 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Ellen Huijgh and Caitlin Byrne Opening the Windows on Diplomacy: A Comparison of the Domestic Dimension of Public Diplomacy in Canada and Australia 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Teresa La Porte The Impact of ‘Intermestic’ Non-State Actors on the Conceptual Framework of Public Diplomacy 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Yiwei Wang Domestic Constraints on the Rise of Chinese Public Diplomacy 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Shay Attias Israel’s New Peer-to-Peer Diplomacy 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Mladen Andrlić; Iva Tarle;Suzana Simichen Sopta Public Diplomacy in Croatia:Sharing NATO and EU Values with the Domestic Public 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Middle East Quarterly Council on Foreign Relations, "Improving U.S. Public Diplomacy" 2002 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy-Brill Online Books and Journals
Fitzpatrick, Kathy R. Defining Strategic Publics in a Networked World: Public Diplomacy's Challenge at Home and Abroad 2012 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 7
Byrne, Caitlin Not quite the sum of its parts: Public diplomacy from an Australian perspective 2010 Exchange: The journal of public diplomacy
Murray, Stuart Moving beyond the ping-pong table: Sports diplomacy in the modern dilomatic environment 2013 Public Dilomacy Magazine, 9
Iaydijev, Ivaylo for Influence and Persuasion in Network - Oriented Public Diplomacy: What Role for "Small States" 2013 Exchange: The journal of public diplomacy
Huigh, Ellen Changing Tunes for Public Diplomacy: Exploring the Domestic Dimension 2013 Exchange: The journal of public diplomacy
Vanc, Antoneta The Relationship Management Process Of Public Diplomacy: U.S. Public Diplomacy In Romania 2010 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jones, W. Michael A Survey and Analysis of American Public Diplomacy: 1942 -2007 2009 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Byrne, Caitlin Campaigning for a seat on the UN Security Council: a middle power reflection on the role of public diplomacy 2011 Figueroa Press
Buckle, Anne E The New Diplomacy: Devising a Relational Model of Public Diplomacy 2012 Pursuit - The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee: Vol. 3
Samei, Marwa Abdel Public diplomacy in the age of regional media: winning the war of hearts and minds in the iddle east Al-Jazeera and al-Hurra 2010 Northeastern University
Byrne, Caitlin Public Diplomacy and Constructivism: A Synergistic and Enabling Relationship 2012 Bond University
Sławomir Gawroński Public diplomacy - international communication at national branding services -- --