Air Liquide S.A.

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Air Liquide S.A.
Air Liquide
Industry Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Founded 1902
Headquarters Paris, France
Area Served Worldwide
CEO & Chairman Benoît Potier
Products Gas
Market Value 42.409,7 m$
Employees over 50,000 (2014)

About Air Liquide S.A.[edit]

Air Liquide S.A. is a French global company, which supplies industrial and other types of gases and services to various industries such as the steel industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage. To successfully fulfil the needs of these different clients, different World Business Lines are organized within the group; the Healthcare activity, Industrial Merchant, Large Industries, Electronics and Global E&C Solutions. The corporation has an emphasis on research and development throughout the entire company. Air Liquide conducts its business operations in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The company develops a great part of its corporate cultural and community responsibility through the work carried out by the Air Liquide Foundation. Some of the programs supported are related to environment and health research, however, a big part of the company’s activity in this area is directed towards the provision of financial aid to enhance education and health projects in developing countries.

Furthermore, several of the company’s subsidiaries are involved in improving life conditions in the communities in which Air Liquide is present. Air Liquide Canada donated nearly 40,000 € to the creation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Moreover, Air Liquide has sponsored several cultural events in different locations worldwide, amongst them the wine exhibition of “Le Concours des Vins”, in Melbourne which aims at the food and cultural exchanges between Australia and France.

Air Liquide has sponsored and created partnerships with community-based projects in different areas, ranging from sports or childhood initiatives to micro-finance small projects related with agriculture. A significant example of this activity was the sponsorship agreement of the 3rd year of the AVSF program by the Air Liquide Foundation, an initiative which focuses on developing beekeeping activities in the State of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.

As a part of dedication to sustainable development and responsibility, the company is continuing its long term plan of global shareholder remuneration policy in order to obtain steady growth of their investments. Air Liquide also aims to provide safe and cost-effective solutions to customers and patients. In addition, company places great value to responsible suppliers, encourages safe professional environment and and strives for constant innovation. Air Liquide actively participates in local development in the countries where it operates. Last but not the least, Air Liquide's goal in the area of environmental protection is to optimize the environmental footprint.

Employment Policy[edit]

The Air Liquid Group’s Human Resources Policy lists one of its fundamental priorities to ensure the distribution of responsibilities and management positions equally between men and women. The second one is the promotion of multiculturalism within the company. However, in the corporation’s 2013 Annual Report there is no specific section focused on diversity and inclusion. Air Liquide has a global careers portal on their website, allowing potential employees to conduct a global job search. The company develops its business operations in 80 countries and has over 50,000 employees with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. These facts demonstrate the transnational and international dimension of the company.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

Air Liquide offers its employees the opportunity to perform various roles throughout the world to help develop their skills and gain cultural awareness and international experience. As the company conducts its business operations across the world in 80 countries employees have the possibility to choose to develop their careers in various lines of business and areas of expertise during a period of 2 to 5 year. Functional or geographic mobility takes place on average every 3 to 5 years.


International Internship Programs[edit]

Air Liquide offers students different opportunities to complete an International Internship program for 4 - 6 months in more than 80 countries worldwide in which the company has placed its subsidiaries. In addition, the VIE program (Volontariat International en Entreprise) with Air Liquide offers young graduates a chance to complete a responsible assignment within the company abroad. This way, graduates are faced with global as well as local challenges.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Air Liquide contributes to the recognition of the work of outstanding students and researchers by awarding scholarships such as the Air Liquide America Foundation Scholarship or the “Air Liquide International Scholarships in France” which are aimed at facilitating the integration of foreign young university students in France.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Air Liquide has founded a charity in Houston, US called the Air Liquide America help Organization to provide humanitarian aid. At the same time, it is one of the main partners of the African Charity “Paper 4 All”, which provides resources and volunteering for children education in Burkina Faso. Furthermore, the Air Liquide Foundation was created in 2008. Since then it has supported environment and healthcare research and has also been encouraging micro-initiatives across the world to contribute to local development. There were 178 projects which took place in 42 countries. In 2014, 25 new projects were approved. Most of the Foundations actions are carried out with great help of on more than 200 Air Liquide employees sponsoring micro-initiatives.

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

Air Liquide has a code of conduct in which it expresses its commitment to “uphold the highest standards in how it runs its activities, notably by respecting human rights, labor laws and the environment”. In addition to this, the Group encourages its subsidiaries to implement a local Code of Conduct with the aim to combine the Group’s ethical principles and commitment to respect local customs and regulations.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

Air Liquide has sponsored several international cultural events and exhibitions, such as The International Festival of Glass which is the only UK based Festival celebrating the spectacle of glassmaking, or the wine exhibition of “Le Concours des Vins”, in Melbourne (Australia) which aims at the food and cultural exchanges between Australia and France.

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