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Industry Mining
Founded 19/02/1992
Headquarters Mirny and Moscow, Russia
Area Served Ten regions of Russia and nine countries in the world
President Andreev Fyodor
Products Diamonds
Market Value 7,558,8 m$
Employees 30.525 (2013)

About Alrosa[edit]

Alrosa is one of the Russian group of diamond mining companies which has the leading role in the world diamond mining. The company produced 36.9 million carats in aggregate rough diamond production in 2013. Alrosa is engaged in many activities: the exploration, mining, manufacture and sale of diamonds. Mining takes place in mainly Western Yakutia and Arkhangelsk region in Russia. Sales offices are located in the world’s major diamond trading centers of Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, and London. Their annual rough diamond sales revenues exceed 4.0 billion USB.

Employment Policy[edit]

The company provides employment for local residents, often with a higher income than they would otherwise obtain. Until today, Alrosa makes a significant contribution to improving wellbeing and social stability across the entire diamond mining region. In 2013, Alrosa spent over 1 billion Rubles on health and healthy lifestyle of employees. The company tries to prevent disease and illness of employees wherever possible, and also to organize rehabilitation treatment where necessary. In addition, their social policy program provides recreation facilities for employees and their families. Alrosa also offers dedicated corporate assistance to employees with housing and private pension plan.


Alrosa contributes to the endowment of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and to management funds of the North-Eastern, North Arctic and St. Petersburg Federal Universities.

Notable Activities[edit]

Every year the company transfers 500 million RUB to non-profit association the Target Fund for Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for the construction of educational, health care, cultural, and sports facilities in the region. By providing financial assistance to the people of Western Yakutia, Alrosa helps them maintain their agricultural way of life. They also organize and sponsor charity events for the children of the local districts. Their Financial Support and Sponsorship program aims to provide targeted financial support and sponsorship to socially important, non-profit projects from individuals and community groups or other legal entities.

Supporting Sports[edit]

Alrosa subsidizes cultural and sports projects through the corporate Culture and Sports Program. In 2013 138 million RUB were spent on various events. Every year, the Alrosa Culture and Sports Complex organizes and participates in important projects in the region’s cultural and sports activities.

Further Information[edit]

Sustainable development is one of the most important aims of the company, in the regions where they operate. Helping to maintain the stability of the global diamond market, the national and regional economies; minimizing the negative impact of industry on the environment; rational use of mineral resources; and taking responsibility for social issues including safety, health, and professionals - are the main strategic goals of the Alrosa.

Environmental Protection[edit]

As part of its environmental approach, Alrosa works to conserve biodiversity in Western Yakutia. They have already allocated over 60 million RUB to establish a protected territory, the Living Diamonds of Yakutia Natural Park. Under their Restoration of Biological Diversity program they have introduced populations of beavers, musk oxen and buffalo into Yakutia; there are clearly thriving in the environment of the Far North.

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